Wildlife Wednesday – Tapir And Friends

tapir at Lion Country Safari

Happy Wildlife Wednesday! This is the day that we celebrate animals and alliteration. These three beauties were captured by our Cannon at Lion Country Safari. Oh, and I must mention that this has to happen through glass, so if this was all official, I might have to mention that the lens included a filter  of Chevy Venture glass.

Tapirs are definitely unique. They kind of represent the look that no one wants for their nose. I think nose jobs should be called Tapir-plasty rather than Rhino. I believe Rhinos are rather fond of their pointy horns. I get the feeling, however, that the tapir would welcome a panda nose. After all, who goes looking for a stuffed animal of a tapir on Valentine’s Day.

Below is a water buffalo and a random deer-like animal, the type that fills up these drive through animal parks. No one really remembers their name. Going there is like “Anti-Cheers” for the random deer-like creature. You can’t just have the lion, and a few zebras. Antelopes, zeeboos, and dik-diks are the parsley of play-parks.

Side note: That is not a horn coming out of the water buffalo’s nose. That is a horned deer-thingy in the background.


Any wildlife pics to share? I might run out here.

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