The Impressive Bullfrog

bullfrog close-up

I’m sorry, but I don’t often look at bullfrogs very closely. It wasn’t until recently that I realized really how pretty they are. I have been guilty of chowing down on the legs. I have even benefited from opening one up and examining the innards. That was not due to a hobby, however. That was because of Dr. Morgan and his trailer-lab biology class. I can still smell the formaldehyde. Ugh. That’s enough to make me ribbit up my Cheerios. Honestly, I had given up on the frog lately. No real press to speak of. It has gone into obscurity, it seems.

This particular regal beast has restored my faith in frog-kind. I found him while picnicking at Desoto Caverns in Alabama. There is something so whimsical about the expression on a frog’s face. I get it. I understand why there are fans of this green guy.

Look at those eyes. Such a story to tell. Think of the places he’s hopped. The flies he’s chomped. Now, that is a Wild Life. Happy #WildlifeWednesday.

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