The Thinkfulness of Thankfulness

It’s been a pretty good Thanksgiving season.

  • I learned a little about the actual beliefs and background of the Pilgrims.
  • I developed a light version of the virus that my daughters have had, but it’s not slowing me down.
  • I have seen a couple movies and get to update my movie review blog: Basically Movies
  • I have broken the 5 lb. mark on my Keto Diet.
  • I have done a lot of learning this year.
  • I have been given loads of inspiration.
  • I have come to the realization that, according to scripture, I can actually boast that I understand and know Father Yahweh, my creator and The Savior, His Son.


Of course, I could go on about His blessings, but I want to thank you for reading, and possibly subscribing. I am almost finished with my series: “Am I Jewish?” which points to the similarities in Judaism and Christianity, as well as the misconceptions, on both parts.

What do you have planned for the year ahead? I have even structured a yearly productivity planner with all of the Biblical holidays included.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be safe and have a joyful time.

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