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underwater scene

Today, I include for you, drawings from the Warner Southern College days. These were simple cartoons which I drew for the Royal Courier (I think that was the name). It was a part of my journalism class. I wanted to learn how to write. My assignments were ALL cartoons. Hmm.

So, I figured that I should post cartoons on my blog so that I can have the best of both worlds. I do appreciate the deadlines though. These toons made me sit and “Do” things with the threat of a bad grade… or, possibly, public shaming in front of my classmates. Like Tim, Susan, Michelle, and the gang.

This was also my first time that I forced myself to draw the product from start to finish with ink. I normally pencil something to completion, then trace with pen. I had no idea how useful that skill would have been. As a matter of fact, I am committed to three ink drawings tonight for a beautiful 7-year-old princess. More koalas, I’m sure.

That’s how it started, you know. In junior high, my friend Alice loved cats. I challenged myself to draw a cat. I never had a successful one until years later, but I did a fairly awesome gum sculpture of one.

Yes, I have been known to sculpt a thing or two from gum. I do not think you care to see pictures of them, do you? Well, if my arm is twisted enough, I may twist and pinch some Bazooka into a cat for the camera.

college cartoon

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