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Toon Tuesday – Collection of Originals

Happy “Toon Tuesday.” This is indeed the day that Yahweh has made. Today is a day to post some oldies but not so moldies. I will likely put a pause on the toon posting, as I go into my Dotcom Dad series. However, I will not abandon it, because the drawings don’t stop. Most of these are the original notebook drawing that made it to a print project.


Mind Lint 
Diabetes Treatment Center
Diabetes Treatment Center, Tampa 
Kasey the Royal
Kasey the Royals Mascot 
sit and spin
The World Is Your Sit And Spin

There used to be class mates, or bosses who would request a sketch every now and then. Now, there are children. I am an on-demand coloring page maker.

am i jewish

What is next for my art? Not sure, but I’m toying with the idea of taking on another children’s book. I have it on pages of notebooks. Now, I need the release of the Holy Spirit on the timing.

Thank you for viewing my blog and my drawings.



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