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As this is a relatively new theme to my blog (‘Toon Tuesday), I figured I should include my book. And when I mean include it, I mean offer you a FREE digital copy of The Singing Stone By Me. This book was in my head for a few years.

In 2006, I was given the opportunity to appear on an episode of a TLC show called “Resolutionaries.” They chose to feature me because they were helping people with clutter in their lives. While my life is not particularly cluttered (at least not “Hoarders” kind of clutter), they were interested in helping a guy like me with numerous ideas and inspirations stacking on top of each other like a tower of pizza boxes on top of old newspapers on top of unsent rebate forms.

So, they gave me a coach, who helped me narrow down to this book idea. I like to write, I like to draw, I like to carry forward “new slang.” By new slang, I mean simply that I like to make new words plus utilize words my daughters created – like “under pit.”

Persecution of Christians has been a point of compassion for me. At the bottom of this post, you will see a couple clicks for ministries who are doing great things for people who are facing danger in this area.

The Book: The singing stone is essentially a way to share a complex idea of religious intolerance with children. My intention is to create a side-effect of adults feeling a renewed compassion and understanding for people who live with persecution. I also hope, in whatever tiny way, I might change the world.

Enjoy the story of Sorbak – The Plumber Barbarian as he learns the truth about trying to squash the REAL truth. I hope you and your children enjoy this book. If you desire a physical copy, they are available on Amazon. A percentage of sales go to Harvest Of Hope, our favorite international mission which supports indigenous pastors and ministries all around the world.

Ministries who help the persecuted:

To view excerpts of the program “Resolutionaries” click HERE.

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