Wacissa Springs – Mini Adventure

Here is a little film I made as we played with the 4k ultra and the Sharper Image kid-cam. Most the stills were taken with the kid-cam.

We really enjoyed meeting a couple who were gathering fish for their aquarium hobby. That just happened to be what we were up to. These guys were expertsters. They had holsters with two half-gallon jugs. In each jug, they would place the tiny sunfish. They would seperate the males from females. What? How in the… Well. I didn’t ask. But they gave us some fish as they showed us how to catch some action.

am i jewish

Of course, it cannot be all work and no splash. We made it happen as I have been recovering from a bruised rib. As you can tell from the video. I am back. Now it’s time to go on the phase one yeast free diet (Dr. Kaufmann) so that I will have a little less “back.”

Wacissa Springs – Mini Adventure

Of course, we have to swing off the rope. But who knew we would catch some awesome little fish. Gambusia, sunfish, shrimp, and a mouth with fins. The elusive marbled “molly” gambusia gave us the slip.

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