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wildlife wednesday lesser heron

Today’s models for Wildlife Wednesday did not come from a zoo. How about a little waterfowl?  They are real life wildlife models hired by the Everglades National Park to look pretty. If it were not for these posers, you would have a dry trip every now and then.

I guess the pythons haven’t gotten them yet. I grew up in South Florida, so birds are no stranger to me. They are so plentiful that my brother actually shot his BB gun in the air and a bird (Grackle) fell from a tree. He wasn’t even looking.

It wasn’t until I started shooting them with a lens instead of a Daisy Rough Rider that I realized the striking beauty in some of these exotic birds from Africa and South America.

water hen

Notice the non-webbed feet on this coot. They swim around among the lily pads without the luxury of duck feet. That is why some call them water hens. Again, I have fond memories. That distinct coot-like whoop in the morning. I prefer that to rooster crows, for sure.

Have you been to the Everglades National Park? Have you ever camped there in a storm? Comment below if you would like to receive an update every time we post a wildlife photo.

There are whole societies for waterfowl. Here’s one if you are so inclined. Honk!

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