Week Of Blessings, Day 1 – Satellite Beach

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This week will be a travelogue, or a fami-log, if you will. We were blessed with a week vacation on Satellite Beach, FL. The blessings continue as we had a great time visiting family on the way there.

At the convenience store (where we were utilizing the convenience of a bathroom) an employee seemed to be taking the stock of donuts away. I felt like little Cindy Who. “Where are you taking all our donuts, Santa Clause?” I passed by and I heard, “Hey.” I turned around and the nice lady asked, “Would they like some donuts?” I stumbled at what seemed like a rhetorical question as well as a trick one. “I guess… um, sure.” She responded, “Grab as many as you like. I have to throw them out.”

So, I grabbed a bag of donuts. Then we proceeded to enjoy our condo with a pool, hot tub and ice cream joint across the street. We like the Surfing Turtle. Free sprinkles, to go with our breakfast of sprinkled donuts.

Why do we eat so much on vacation? It’s not even a cruise. It feels like I should eat everything on the intestinal terror watch list.

So, instead of the regularly scheduled posts, I will put up a daily update. Here is video number one.

Week of Blessings Day 1. Time spent with family is time well spent.

Family fun with the Bassfam. We were blessed many things to make this adventure possible. The condo right on the beach, random fun money from a relative, a free bag of donuts from a sweet woman at the convenience store. All from our Father’s provisional blessings.

Have you ever been to Satellite Beach/Merritt Island? Got any suggestions? Anything beside gazing at the beautiful ocean? And watching rockets blast off?

Satellite Beach, Florida

Satellite Beach is a coastal city situated in Brevard County, Florida. The population was 10,109 at the 2010 United States Census, and it is located with

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