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Week of Blessings – Day 2 – Satellite Beach

Today, our main adventure was a trip to a wildlife farm/zoo. We have enjoyed driving by the mansions on Merritt Island to get to the rest of the action. It’s like having your desert first.

If you have read my blog at all, you will know that I enjoy posting wildlife photos. I have also been a little frightened that I might just run out of them. ‘Can’t let that happen. Let’s schedule a groupon-fueled trip to the petting zoo. That means detouring from Satellite Beach. 

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What a blessing that our girls have animals at home. They are not afraid to get right in and feed these cute beasts. I will not say the same for the little girls who almost jumped out of their skin when a pygmy goat jumped the fence to ask for a snack.

Oh yes, and there was the pool and the beach. What a day of blessing. Halleluyah!

As a little critique of sorts, I must say that adventures like this (the third tier attractions) are rarely worth the money they ask. However, if you can find a “Groupon” or if you have a bunch of extra cash laying around. They are enjoyable. And the little ones (the ones with the smiles) do not know the difference.

We use Groupon almost daily on trips (including lodging). How do you get the most bang for your budget-buck?

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