Week Of Blessings Day 3 – Satellite Beach

Here was day 3. It included a visitation. We were treated to a royal dinner of fajitas and key lime pie (the homemade type). Pool, beach, ice cream and calves in a blanket. I don’t eat pork, so the piggies are safe. But give me some cow, and I’ll gnaw on it till… well, it comes home.

Day 3 Week of Blessings

Another day in Bass-a-dice. Just a fun, relaxing day in a beachy kind of world. This day, we had some visitors.

Our little safety spot is the Surfing Turtle ice cream shop. Do not ever permanently locate directly across the street from a soft serve ice cream spot. If you are like me, you will gain much poundage and do to the wallet, much damage. If you get a chance, enjoy the tasty treats while hanging out with real turtles (and tortoises). They have movie night and games to play in the pavilion. What a score. I have renewed my relationship to sprinkles on soft serve. Satellite Beach is a great place to hang with birds, manatees, and turtles. I feel a little guilty about the fact that I was the only one who was able to spot a family of manatees in a canal in the South Patrick area. Just don’t tell the rest of the group.

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I believe every hole in the wall cafe’ and sweets shoppe should be an experience. Do you have any favorites?

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