Week of Blessings Days 4 and 5 Satellite Beach

Let’s snack on two days at once here. Day 4 and Day 5. This is one of the few vacations in which we just about stayed put. I like to roam. I like to wander. I like to chomp down on exotic hamburgers with sauces and cheeses from far away palaces.

However, when you are at a beach resort, why not stay put. The beach is what we are here for. I will admit my wimpyness here. I don’t care for cold water these days. The surf temp is still a little cool and the wind has been howling all week. The safety harbor of the pool is the deal. It might as well be our living room.

There is beauty in just being with the water, by the water, near the water. Why ruin a good thing with so much shivering? It’s encouraging that my children have more fortitude and more guts (and probably more glory) than their dear dad.

I’ll take the heated pool, thank you. I’ll take the laps around the pool I have to walk to follow (chase) the two year old.

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Only one more day at Satellite Beach. Then we will feel blessed to wander on home where the green grass grows on both sides of our fence. It just gets eaten more on one side.

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