Who’s Hitler Now?

I realize that people differ in their opinions on abortion. The problem is, I don’t understand why. Almost every man, woman, and child can look at the Holocaust and see men beating on beautiful people. Grandmas in pretty dresses, being kicked and thrown into the mud. The list of atrocities goes on and on, leading to a line-up of people being marched into a death shower of poison gas. You can see the total madness in this.

Yet a vast majority of people were able to justify this type of behavior. They were apparently fully capable of talking themselves into agreeing with it, participating in it, and even spearheading some of it.

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Do I have to describe every action that happens in an abortion? I refuse to right now because, looking back less than a hundred years ago, people saw skin and bones dead bodies piled on top of each other and most of them figured out a way to agree with that. Genocide in Nazi Europe was not only legal, it was policy. It was enforced, it was paid for , it was fought for.

That’s where we are with taking lives of millions of pre-born babies. Our  people made it legal, enforce it, pay for it, and people fight to do so. A citizen of Weimar could stand outside Buchenwald with a sign that says, “Killing Jews is Murder” and it would not convince the villagers or the uniformed forces. You and I could stand outside an abortion compound with an “Abortion is Murder” sign and we would likely find ourselves in trouble with the uniformed forces and penalized financially and physically. As a bonus, many “Christians” would cry, “That’s too harsh!” It’s like death itself is not harsh. Just signs that can not even come close to the pain experienced by a tiny, tiny child (masterpiece) who was crafted for great things by an awesome Creator.

We are in an age where people seem to remember that the man Hitler was vile. But they tend to forget what the worm of a man actually did. He killed people. He lived and breathed death. Today. there are people who hold signs and compare anyone who doesn’t agree with them as a “Hitler.”

Every man, woman, and child can look at the biology of an infant (call her a fetus, if you want) inside the womb and know what she is – a person. Yet there is this person who looks at that person and says, “You are less than a person. You are so less than a person, that I must destroy you.” Who is the Hitler? The public official who encourages tax cuts, or the raging human who believes that life can be re-defined with words?

Today’s ‘Toon describes what is Basically The Deal.

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