Wildlife Wednesday – Diamondback Rattler

diamondback rattler wildlife wednesday

Look how close I got to a rattle snake just for you on Wildlife Wednesday… Yes, like Indiana Jones, I cheated and got behind the glass for this one. Thank the LORD I have never seen one of these in the wild. I have only seen two rattlers in the wild and they both were in Arizona. They were much smaller. North Florida has some gigantic timber rattlers. That goes hand in hand when you live among animals of all kinds. You take the good with the slithery.

I did, recently, run over a large one less than a tenth of a mile from our house. After I did so, I went back for a look. Apparently, I was not the only one with this idea. It already had tire marks on it. It was dead when I killed it.

If you are doing any amount of tromping around in the woods in Florida, through the palmetto bushes, please bring a dog. If you live in them, as we do, keep a dog around and some guinea hens. They are good at sounding the alarm for rattle snakes.

I just remembered that I also saw a live pygmy rattler on the road a few years back.

I hope you enjoy Wildlife Wednesday. If you enjoy the sharing of wildlife pics, leave a comment below. Send us your best shots if you would like us to share them.

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