Wildlife Wednesday On A Thursday – “Read My Lips. Alligator”

Yesterday (Wednesday) was Toon Tuesday (temporarily), so this must be Wildlife Wednesday. I have solved the conflicts in WordPress that were rendering no paragraphs. Now, I can zoom forward like a Mr. Jalopy on Premium Unleaded.

If you ever get to visit us in Tallahassee, you must come on the Wakulla Springs boat tour. You see where Swamp Thing was filmed. I guarantee you, you will see alligators. This first one is not the absolute best. I was at the mercy of the iPhone and the digital zoom. I wanted to include it because, well, you don’t see this kind of showing off in the wild. He was upset, and not afraid to show it. Most alligator sightings are not this eventful.

The following are various shots from Lion Country Safari, a small preserve, and the Everglades National Park. I have grown up in Florida and gators are about as common as squirrels… And neither one makes a good pet.


Do you enjoy nature as much as we do? Come join us in the Florida outdoors.

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